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Every pool table owner that gets a lot of use out of their pool table is probably aware that at one time or another they will need to call for maintenance and/or repairs. So if you're that person and you're looking up "pool table repair near me" we've got you covered! 

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    Billiard Table Refinishing, Refurbishing & Restoration

    ​From pool table refinishing, refurbishing to restoration we can bring back the life of any pool table. Not only are pool tables expensive pieces of furniture, but they also bring character into any room. When you find an old pool table or come into an especially weathered table, you can call us for a full  restoration job.

    Pocket Repair

    Pocket repair is quick and stress-free when you call our pool table repair service. Typically pockets re made of plastic or leather. The rubber or plastic pockets are what you would find in a game center, bar, or pool hall. 

    Plastic or rubber pockets are typically on less expensive models, but they last for many years with heavy use. This type of pocket is easy to replace and aren’t as expensive as leather pockets. However, repair isn’t an option because the plastic pockets are a single piece. 

    Leather pockets are on more traditional pool tables or are placed on newer pool tables for their decorative appeal. Either way, these pockets aren’t easy to replace or repair. First, the sides of the table must be removed. Afterward, you pull out the pocket and disassemble it for repair. Many parts of the pocket are repairable which can save you money in the long run.

    ​Cushion Repair

    Rubber cushions give your pool balls the rebound the need to make the game interesting. Otherwise, you’d just be sliding them around the playing field. However, the cushion wears down over time. The standard wear should need replacement within the first 10 years. However, manufacturers have started using lower grade materials. 

    Our Pool Table Repair team has worked on pool tables as young as 5 years old for cushion repair. We ensure that when we repair or replace the cushion that we use only top-quality materials, so you won’t have to worry about this type of repair again for many years to come. 

    It’s important that you have a professional repair the cushion because any misalignment can significantly impact your gameplay. The rebound will unfairly scatter balls based on their angle rather than the angle the ball encounters the cushion.

    ​Bumper Repair

    Pool table rails or bumpers should last for about 20 years without repair or replacement. However, with constant use, you’ll notice less rebound. If you’re noticing less response from your balls on the bumpers, you need to schedule a repair. 

    We will happily replaces loose, damaged, overly tightened and misaligned bumpers. We’ve worked with many different brands and can easily identify which bumper size is right on your table and make the necessary repairs quickly. 

    Frame and Slate Repair

    When it comes to the frame and slate of your pool table, it’s easy to think that a bit of wood glue could fix the problem. However, the many types of glue which are available for this type of repair are only a temporary band-aid. 

    For a full frame and slate repair (under the felt), just look up and call the best "pool table service near me". Our team of professionals doesn’t just put a band-aid on the problem, they repair the crack, split, or shifting to prevent future damage. 

    We start each repair by detaching the felt, then identify any cracks, chips or slips and fill them. Finally, we use a combination of table wax, repair glue and resurfacing to ensure that you won’t have this problem again. ​

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