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As experienced pool table movers we know that moving pool tables is delicate work. But we can help you move your billiards table and even help you select the ideal position for set up in your new home. We strive to make each moving service stress-free, we know you have enough to worry about when moving!

Our specialty lies in leveling the framing as well as the slates. We’re happy to re-stretch existing felt or replace the felt with a higher-grade covering. We can carefully alights your rails and ensures that your move won’t impact your game-play at all.

Pool table moving services are a great opportunity to combine pool table repair services. As mentioned, we re-stretch your existing felt. But this is an opportune time to replace cushioning, coverings and repair pockets. Take advantage of the disassembled state of your table to make necessary repairs before the damage makes your table unusable.

We can move and relocate your pool table anywhere in Massachusetts, or the surrounding states with no restrictions! Through our years of service, we’ve developed a great reputation among the billiards player’s community. We strive to keep this reputation by providing only top-quality services.

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    With our experience, precision, and attention to detail we strive to make every job stress—free, and convenient. Every time we help you move your pool table, we guarantee a level playing field aligned rails. Our standard moving procedure ensures that your table is in the same, or better, condition as it was before your move. Take these opportunities to improve your table’s level and alignment.

    If you’re not looking to move to a new home, but want to migrate the pool table from one room to another, we’re ready to help! No job is too small, or too big for Our Pool Table Repair service. Our team members will measure the room you want to move to and carefully transport the pool table from it’s current space to the room of your choice.

    When you need pool table moving services, make sure you don't hire just any movers. There's a reason why we specialize in pool table moving! Get our guarantee on great service, and a level playing surface and high-quality work. We start each moving service with disassembly and careful transportation. As we reassemble your pool table, we properly level the legs, cabinet, and playing field. Call today or complete the form below for a free-quote on hassle-free pool table moving services. ​