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    Thanks for visiting our website! Our Pool Table Service is the expert billiards table service for all of your pool table needs. We provide professional in-home repair services, restoration, re-felting, and more. Best of all our service is mobile! We also provide experienced moving services and are happy to move your billiards table anywhere in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire or Rhode Island. 

    With our experience and care we provide reliable disassembly and reassembly during moving making it one less thing to stress about during your move.  Pool Table Experts guarantees that your experience with us is hassle-free and convenient. There’s no job too big, or too small for us to handle! From pool table assembly services, to disassembly and pool table moving, we've got you covered.

    We aim to ensure that you can get playing again without delay. Call our number or fill out the form on this page for a free quote. 

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    Set Up and Installation

    If you've recently purchased a table and need help setting it up, or if you've had your table moved and need installation assistance, give us a call!

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    Repairs and Refelting

    From bumper & pocket repairs, leveling and adjustments, to full restorations and applying brand new felt, we've got you covered!

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    Pool Table Moving

    Pool tables can be cumbersome and need special care when being moved, disassembled and reassembled. Call our pool table movers today!

    Areas We Service:

    We are centrally located in Worcester, and have the capacity to service all our Massachusetts customers, as well as provide expert moving services to all surrounding states. We work in BostonSpringfieldProvidence RI, We will travel to Western Mass, Connecticut, anywhere in Rhode Island, Cape Cod, as well as New Hampshire. Call us today for a free quote on our moving services, or if you are in need of repairs, installation, refelting or more. We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you! Call today 508-321-7217



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    Pool table felt replacement color options

    Why Hire the Experts For Pool Table Repair

    Whether you use your pool table occasionally or are an active billiards player, you’ve probably noticed the effects of a poorly leveled pool table. You don’t want to make games unnecessarily challenging or outright frustrating.

    Our loyal customers know that we’re the ones to call for any repair on your pool table. Have professionals repair your pool table to resurface the ragged felt and correct any balance issues. The felt takes the biggest beating but is fairly easy to maintain once restored. Experts can not only take care of your pool table repairs but offer guidance on how to care for your billiards table afterwards.

    Experts can properly level your pool table and ensure correct billiards table installation. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many DIY-movers end up with drastically unlevel tables.

    Our Pool Table Repair team takes extra care during moving, disassembly, and reassembly to ensure that your table remains level. We use only the shimming techniques and tools to achieve 100% level surfaces.

    When you work on your pool table yourself, you can miss key opportunities to ensure that your pool table is genuinely level.

    We consider the care and consideration your pool table deserves in every repair. All of our repairs and services are completely guaranteed so you can start playing again right away.

    Types of Repairs We Do:

    • Refelting / Recovering
    • Pocket Repairs
    • Railing Repairs
    • Bumpers
    • Corner castings repairs
    • Structural repairs
    • Leveling
    • Felt Replacements
    • Complete Restorations
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    From felt to pockets we repair it all. Although it’s easy to identify when felt needs replacing, it’s not that simple to know when you need to re-cloth or restructure pockets. If you want to revive your pool table, call professionals for repairs.

    Our Pool Table Repair works with a wide variety of repairs so that we can service your billiards table no matter the problem. We provide repairs for many different brands which keeps us familiar with the various repair techniques.

    It’s never a great idea to attempt pool table repairs on your own. Many people enjoy DIY projects, however, when you’re talking about dismantling or resurfacing an expensive piece of entertainment furniture.

    Cushion facings, pockets, railings, corner castings, leg shims, and more. Pool Table Repair in Worcester can repair or replace any damaged parts of your pool table. With leg leveler, we can ensure that your pool table is fully level and ready for a game.

    However, if you’re noticing some wear in the side pockets, it’s always best to replace or repair them before they deteriorate completely. With pool tables, it’s important to get ahead of the damage and repair now.

    If you allow damage to your pockets or corner castings to go without repair, the damage will sit there and may interfere with gameplay. Either way, you want to ensure that your pool table is always in pristine condition. We help you keep your table in top shape with affordable repair services; we’re the professionals that get the job done right.

    Calling professional guarantees not only complete but also quick. Unlike DIY projects that can last for weeks at a time,  our Pool Table Repair works in a timetable that is convenient for you. ​

    Our Pool Table Refelting Services

    New cloth or re-felting can bring life back into your billiards table. You can choose whichever color works best for your game room. The green is a classic however we see many people choose to move away from the standard green, electric blue, or aged burgundy.

    Re-felting a pool table requires precision, specific tools, and a few hours. We've got all the tools on hand along with all the experience necessary to re-felt a pool table in only a few hours.

    You can choose to form a wide variety of colors and multiple lines of cloth. We know that serious billiards players care about which materials they’re using. We offer worsted materials as well to avoid the fuzzy finish that people associate with pool tables.  Instead, use worsted materials which offer a durable and smooth finish.

    Many cloths are now available with a Teflon coating to guard against stains. If you’re a new pool table owner, you might want to re-felt or re-cloth your table as an upgrade. There’s a lot of pool tables that have an extraordinarily high price because of their cloth quality.

    But, you can purchase the pool table you want, at a lower price, and have the pool table re-felted or re-clothed at a much lower price. The standard felt that comes on most pool tables is fuzzy and is the slowest option available. ​

    Our Installation and Setup Services

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    Call us for pool table installation and setup. We will set up your table without issues and quickly. We use only the best leveling techniques for a level and smooth playing surface.  We specialize in installing new pool tables, moving, delivery, setup, and removal. If you just purchased a new pool table, or are planning to, you need someone to set up your table correctly. When people are trying set up their table they usually aren’t able to level it correctly.

    We start every installation with a disassembled pool table and attaching its legs to the frame of the table. Afterward, we place the slates on the cabinet and level each individually for optimal leveling. This step is where the appropriate leveling happens. 

    After we install the slates, we work on the seams, screw holes, and any manufacturer defects. Filling each so that the playing field is completely flat. When the playing surface is complete, we apply the felt or cloth, attaching it to the slates and wrapping it around the bumpers. Finally, we install the rail and pockets for a complete setup. We use top of the line shimming techniques and use the appropriate leveling tools to ensure that your games aren’t frustrating because you’re fighting against an unlevel surface.​

    If you’re looking to add custom bumpers or rails, we can easily make these modifications at the time of setup rather than having to schedule another service date. We are always striving to make installation, upgrades and moving easy. Schedule your stress-free pool table installation today by using the form at the top of this page or by calling our number today. 

    Our Pool Table Moving Services

    We make moving tables easy, whether you’re just trying to relocate the table for a few days, so you can recarpet the room or if you’re moving across town. We can disassemble the pool table easily and reassemble them quickly.

    Where are you moving to? We gladly move pool tables anywhere within the states of Massachusetts, NH, RI and CT. Our staff takes pride in setting up, installing and recovering every pool table we encounter.

    Call us today or complete the contact form below for a free quote on whatever service you need. With years of experience, we provide the best service available for moving your pool table. We offer a guarantee for all of our services.  Our customer service goes above and beyond, as we take every measure possible to ensure that we are safe and careful when transporting your pool table. Wherever you’re moving, we’ll be right there with you, protecting your billiards table.

    But, why should you hire professionals to move your pool table? We guarantee that from your first phone call to final set up, moving your pool table will be a breeze and completely stress-free. Our staff is happy to follow up after your table is set up, so there’s no question of our quality or service.

    We cover every possible aspect when it comes to moving pool tables. We evaluate every table for repair and notify you of our recommended services.

    You can call for your free quote today or fill out the form here and set up something in advance if you already have a moving date in mind.