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Refelting and Re-covering

If the buddy you asked to install felt was very helpful but they didn’t do a great job, you could spend years looking at bubbles, creases, and sloppy lines. Improperly installing felt doesn’t just affect the visual appeal of your pool table either. Wrinkles from improper re-felting get in the way of gameplay.

What’s worse if the covering isn’t installed correctly on the rails the covering can permanently warm the cushion. The Pool Table Experts take great pride in every job we take on. Each refelting service starts with the proper technique for your pool table. As felting different brands and styles of pool tables vary, it’s important to note that just because you or a friend corrected on the pool table, there’s no guarantee that this table will be the same.

It’s also difficult working with different felts or coverings that vary in stretch and application. Each cloth requires a specific process for proper installation. We know that your table’s important and that you enjoy the hours of enjoyment you get out of it, so we treat your table with care. 

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    Whether you’re scheduling a felt replacement or are beginning to notice the hills and valleys on your playing field, you should consider a pool table re-cushion or a billiard table cloth application. As pool tables wear throughout the years, their felt takes the biggest beating, and most billiards players figure that the cushion is fine. 

    You may begin to notice the initial felt wearing through from use, but you should know that the standard green felt on pool tables doesn’t last that long. The cushion, however, should last about 20 years with regular use. So why are pool tables losing their cushion after only 5 or 6 years? 

    It’s the quality! Much like the standard green felt, manufacturers are using lower quality materials, so their products need replacement or repair after a few years. Rob’s Pool Table Repair offers affordable pool table re-cushion services with high-quality materials. ​

    Billiard Table Cloth Application

    Cloth application and installation are services that eventually every pool table owner should consider. The standard green felt is the slowest of the available fabrics, interferes with gameplay, and wears through quickly. However, you can upgrade the cloth and get many more years of life out of your pool table.

    Custom pool table cloths installation isn’t as expensive as people tend to think it is, the Pool Table Experts offer many excellent fabrics at affordable prices. Billiard table cloth application isn’t necessarily simple, but our staff with their years of experience can efficiently complete jobs with high-quality results.

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